by FlyCamCzech

Winner of the 1st place

The firefighting Project X robot won RoboRAVE in the Czech Republic. It will compete in RoboRAVE International in Guangdong, China, in July 2019. 

new design

  • 130 degrees obstacle avoidance

    we use ultrasonic sensors for avoiding objects

  • adhesion on all surfaces

   rubber tires screwed on metal shaft

  • hybrid cooling system

   mix of active and passive cooling system for PCB

  • line detecting sensors and bumper

   for better orientation on track

  • brushless 1300KV fan

   1kg static torque

  • omnidirectional flame detecting sensors

   we've created flame sensor bands

  • triple computing power

   using one microcontroller for one thing

  • dual battery operation

   movement up to 8 hours, fan up to 60 candles

  • long time developing

   around 140h hours of developing and debugging

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