• I created my first robot for RoboRave in 2017.

First I used the LEGO NXT kit. My robot was called Masters of NXT and I finished on the fifth place.

A year later I modified the project and expanded it with one more NXT brick.

That year I changed the robot's name to Masters of NXT II. I won the third place, which was a great result for LEGO Mindstorms.

  • For the year 2019, I wanted to prepare something special.

First, I had a prototype with three LEGO NXT units.

Secondly, I made a prototype of robot on a wooden construction. Due to slow communication between the three units I had to change the whole project to one NXT unit connected to microcontroller called Arduino UNO.

Finally, I have made a lot of changes of the prototype into the final form. I stopped using LEGO parts.

The latest redesign was in February. Everything is made of wood and for a computing unit I use Arduino MEGA, NANO and UNO R3.